Highballing is a technique for advanced climbers.
If you are new, check out our Basics of Bouldering section.

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  1. nathan says:

    Each time I climb inside, I notice 75-90% of other climbers during a workout session have constant tension around the rope. If everybody increases such as this, so how exactly does anybody be prepared to ever lead climb? What’s the purpose of getting another guy constantly “pull” you up and getting never-ending rests? After I climb, I make certain my belayer leaves a minimum of 1-3 ft of slack within the line and more often than not am the first one to lead outdoors. It is possible to reason behind getting constant tension around the rope which i just haven’t caught during my 2 yrs climbing?

  2. thexbox360player says:

    I rock climb a minimum of five days per week within an indoor gym (and go outside whenever possible, Florida’s type of flat) and work camp for this and I’ve got a large amount of challenge with muscle discomfort, knots from constant belaying not to mention searching for while doing the work.

    Any suggestions regarding how to bare this climber’s body healthy?

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