Indoor Climbing

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  1. LN13 says:

    You get what I mean.

    Can i stay near the wall when climbing or should I straighten my arm to climb? Since i normally see climbers straighten their arm when climbing, many lean out from the wall.

  2. Marshal says:

    I’m going indoor rock climbing tomorrow with my buddies and that i honestly have No Clue the things to put on! They provide you with footwear there, & it will likely be really really hot outdoors. Do I have to put on shorts or as much as the shin sweat pants? I’d rather not put on loose shorts because when I am climbing it may be just a little awkward. . . So, yeah. What do I have to wear?

  3. Daniel says:

    If you’re able to climb 5.9 indoor, is it just like 5.9 on the actual rock doing sport climbing?

    • admin says:

      A 5.9 isn’t usually the same difficulty as a 5.9 outdoors. Typically a 5.9 outside will be much harder, especially if it’s higher than you’re used to climbing indoors.

  4. Andrew S says:

    I have lately become into indoor climbing and I’m wondering what type of climbing footwear to obtain. Cost is not an item. I understand 5:10 is a great company but I’m not sure of others which are good. They create a wide variety of types, I’ve no clue what type I ought to get. Any details are great. Thanks!

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