Types of Holds

Understand Your Holds

If you don’t, you’ll flounder. You have to know where to position your hands before you climb. You’ll be more confident, and you’ll make it to the top without wasting precious energy.

  • Jug – This hold gets its name because – surprise! – it looks like a jug handle. The jug is large enough for you to wrap your whole hand around it, making this hold an ideal resting spot in between climbing periods before you get to the real difficult routes.
  • Pinch – The pinch hold requires that you grab the top with your hand and pinch down with your thumb. The pressure from your thumb locks the hold into place. The pinch hold can be tricky to master at first. But with enough patience, you’ll get there.
  • Sloper – The sloper is notorious for the number of people who dread climbing it. But it’s not all too bad if you know what you’re doing. There aren’t any edges on the sloper, so you’ll need to use friction to you advantage. Make sure you put as much of your hand on the surface of the hold as possible. Then, simply push on the angle of the hold and climb your way up.
  • Crimp – The crimp hold usually only has one edge, which is located at the top. To get across, place your hands on the top of the hold and pull in the direction of the angle the hold is facing. Keep your hands open and relaxed on the crimp, placing your thumb on the side for balance. Never roll your thumbs on top of your fingers while gripping because this can put a sharp bend on your finger tendons. And you don’t want those fingers to get damaged or wear and tear.

Make sense?

Let’s go through a few more tips that will help you rock climb successfully.

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  1. k says:

    Don’t forget about underclings and sidepulls!

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